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Perfect Pockets PLUS

           From Our Family to Your Table

           } Custom Massage Holsters

Bring Total Wellness to Your Clients

      Build a relaxation haven for your clients through our massage equipment and accessories at Perfect Pockets PLUS. We offer a wide variety of handmade Massage Holsters and Hot/Cold Therapy Packs that bring total wellness from head to toe.

      To give you a quick idea of what makes up our lineup of custom massage products, it consists of custom eye packs, face packs, neck packs, spot packs, hand and feet mitts, self-care sleeves and products , back packs, maternity belts, and more! We strive to give you everything that you need to give your clients a great experience.

Make a Lasting Impression

      Whether you are the office owner, work in a Spa, or have a Private Practice, it’s important to make a good impression on your clients so they spread the word and keep coming back. This is where we come in.

      We customize your Massage Holster and Body Pack designs based on your personal preference and budget. Having style and functionality, our custom massage products and accessories help boost your business’ image. This is important since image is everything in this highly competitive field.


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Things have been interesting, stressful, & just full of all the things life brings over here... with that said, we hopefully have exciting news coming for y'all soon......

Make sure to check back often to keep up with our pockets ;-)

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Who Can Benefit from our Products?

Everyone! Our Hot/Cold Therapy Packs can benefit the littlest of kids to the oldest of adults & everyone in between. People from all walks of life with various ailments can benefit from the soothing relief provided by our custom massage products.

MediSpas, Day Spas, Plastic Surgeon Offices, Reflexology Offices, Chiropractic Offices, Wellness Centers, Nail Salons, Private Massage Practice, Multi-Therapist Offices, Acupuncture Studios, Photo-Therapy Offices, Private Esthetician Offices... All of these establishments can benefit from what we offer, and that's not even the entire list! 

We are here to help you help your clients. Click below to learn more about what makes us and our lineup of custom massage products so unique.

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