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Keeping Up With the Pockets

Keeping Up With the Pockets

Social Wellness

Posted on October 26, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Wellness can be depicted in a variety of ways, but a typical conversation covers physical, mental, or spiritual health. One aspect of wellness I don't hear often is social health, so I'm going to talk about it. This is strictly an opinion piece. I can't say there is research behind these thoughts, but I hope it is benefitial to you.

I would define social wellness as average amount of time spent with others and how it impacts emotional health. While it is directly linked to emotional health, it is not the same. The ability for someone to thrive in a crowded place or meeting new people are two examples of this. It is well known thatpeople fall in the introvert or extrovert category, and I would consider both of these factors in measuring social wellness. The ability for one to have company and solitude are valid. Furthermore, it is a vital part of how you develop as an individual.

So how does a person achieve social wellness, what does a socially healthy person look like?

A socially healthy person, in my opinion, is one that can function in typical manner with people and alone. It is the middle ground between introvert and extrovert, though an introvert and extrovert can achieve social wellness. I would say a socially well person has a number of acquaintences, a cluster of moderate friends, and a handful of close friends. This also means that people with Asbergers or Autism can be socially well, but admittedly, that would take more time to differentiate.

One thing a person would need to do to achieve social wellness is talk to others. For introverts and homebodies, that would mean going outside more often with the purpose of talking to others. You don't have to make someone your best friend, but it is important to weave through different social situations with minimal difficulty. Through this, a person should find a small group of people they can trust and spend time with them. But don't forget to take time for yourself. Solitude allows you time to think, to breathe. It helps you navigate through difficult social situations.

One aspect that has made this more difficult is social media. I can make another article out of this (and I may). Social media, to a degree, erases the thought of consequences for actions. Navigating through social situations is somewhat blocked when someone can erase their words. The ability to follow someone's every move without talking to them hinders whatever potential you have of befriending them on a personal basis, whether it is digital or personal. Social networking is like candy, addictive and inticing, but not something that will help you grow as a social being.

Feel free to add thoughts to this post. I mean for this to be an open discussion, and like everyone here at Perfect Pockets Plus, we aim to help you and your business achieve wellness. 

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