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Perfect Pockets PLUS

           From Our Family to Your Table

           } Custom Massage Holsters

About Us & Our Custom Massage products

About Our Company

      Perfect Pockets PLUS is a family-owned company that offers Custom massage products, such as Holsters and Hot/Cold Therapy Packs. Our products are perfect for Licensed Massage Therapists, Spas, and Wellness-Based Clinics.

A Message From Our Founders 

      Hi, I’m Bethany, a licensed massage therapist. My mom, Kim, and I started the company by accident. In the health & wellness industry, massage specialists often use belts and holsters to hold bottles of cremes, lotions, or oils to keep them close while they are providing a service.

      Although there are different options for the belts, the variety is fairly limited especially for people with plus sizes. My mom, who loves to sew, got sick of this and decided to make a personalized one for me. She enjoyed creating them so much, she made me five more belts!

      A few years later, I already own a lot of different colors which I really love. However, I couldn’t use all of them. This was when I decided to sell them. Later on, people started asking if our family is accepting requests for customized belts.

      At first, only one of the original belts has been actually sold, but my mom and I have made quite a few personalized belts for the different needs of therapists. We even created a belt for cream tubes which may not mean much to everyone, but are actually much needed in the massage industry.

      My mom loves hot packs, so she and I started fiddling a bit and realized that the market of Hot/Cold packs, though plenty, lacks diversity and just doesn't seem to match the curvature of an actual human body. We then started designing Body Packs that conform to the body and hit specific muscle groups rather than the bare minimum coverage.

      Today, we continue to cater to the needs of our colleagues in the wellness industry. Perfect Pockets PLUS is a mother-daughter business where an LMT designs custom massage products for other LMTs' success. 

From our family to your table

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